Please note that  LookAhead can never cure homonymous hemianopia but can help you live with your vision loss. 

Hemianopia can be caused by a stroke, but there are also other conditions that can cause this type of loss of vision.

In daily life, homonymous hemianopia can be a serious handicap.  For example, when sitting in front of a computer display, a patient with a left homonymous hemianopia usually only sees the right-hand portion of the display: the left-hand portion is not seen, and the patient may not even notice that it is not seen.

This vision loss can partially be compensated by learning to actively look in the direction of the blind side. Unfortunately, the required eye movements, so-called "blind saccades", do not come naturally and must be learned. This is where LookAhead can help.

As part of the rehab process, LookAhead trains the patient´s brain to look in the direction of the vision loss.

LookAhead can be used immediately following a stroke, as soon as the patient has received a diagnosis of homonymous hemianopia. As LookAhead can be run on an iPad or iPhone, also when held at an angle, it is ideal for use even if the patient is bed-ridden.


LookAhead is also ideal for continuing rehab also after leaving hospital.


A patient suffering from homonymous hemianopia will experience two main problems:

Loss of overview of the surroundings

Anything that falls within the area of vision loss cannot be seen and this can lead to difficulties when passing through a doorway or bumping into someone you meet. LookAhead: The Maze, is a labyrinth game that trains the brain to actively look in the direction of the vision loss (left or right). When the brain has learnt to direct vision towards the blind side, life will become easier.


Experiencing difficulty in reading running text

A patient with right-sided homonymous hemianopia will have problems finding the next word. A patient with left-sided homonymous hemianopia will have difficulty finding where the next line of text starts. LookAhead: StreamLights is a simple reading aid that will, continuously, but discretely, help the patient find the next word or line.





LookAhead has been developed by Professor Lars Frisén, MD, PhD, at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.


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