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Our name, Visumetrics, describes what we do – we deliver advanced methods to measure and monitor visual disorders.
In the past, you had to visit an optometrist or an ophthalmologist even if you only wanted to measure your eyesight. Using our self-monitoring applications, several conditions can now be regularly monitored in the comfort of your own home.


Our series of innovative applications build on years of renowned research and practical clinical experience and use state of the art methodology that now becomes available to you on your smart phone or tablet.

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All products are designed based on our extensive practical experience from visual disorders. Years of experience, accumulation of knowledge, and best practices are conveniently packaged into apps and other tools for you to use.


Visual Disorder Atlas

With the help of more than 40 interactive illustrations, you can easily identify, describe, and communicate your visual symptoms, resulting in a quicker and more accurate diagnosis of visual disorders.


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MultiBit Vision Test

MultiBit is an app to perform a vision test, an evolution of the standard eye chart. This method, unlike the eye chart, also handles more special vision problems.


The patients can carry out the vision test themselves, and the test results are automatically sent to their doctor.

MultiBit is licensed and can not be




Celego Near Vision Test

Celego is a new, innovative test for rapid self-assessment and monitoring of vision at a reading distance. Cultural and learning problems associated with traditional printed tests are avoided by presenting ever-new combinations of letters and digits. Using voice recording and playback the user self-scores results: no outside supervision is needed.

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Vision Compensatory                    Training (VCT)

VCT will help your rehab if you are suffering from homonymous hemianopia, e.g., following a stroke, by training your brain to look in the direction of vision loss.

Homonymous hemianopia is a severe visual deficit that effectively hides whatever lies to the left or right of the line of sight, depending on the laterality of damage.


For best effect, VCT should be run on an iPad. However, an iPhone may also be used.  In both cases the device can be held at any angle, which allows VCT to be used also in bed.


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Sahlgren´s Saturation Test (SST)

Detects and grades aquired colour vision defects in less than two minutes. Extremely reliable and well validated.
The price is EUR 220/SEK 2.200 excluding cost of delivery, any custom fees or local taxes. The SST can be delivered immediately.

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Dew Cap

If the eye cannot be closed properly there is a risk that the eye could be damaged. This can be prevented by using this eye patch.

The Dew Cap protects against weather and wind and increases the humidity of the eye so that drying-out is prevented. It is easily custom-fitted and can be cleaned and reused.

The price is EUR 3.75/SEK 35 each, excluding cost of delivery, local tax or custom. A fee of EUR 10/SEK 100 will be added to orders less than EUR 50/SEK 500.


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About Us

Visumetrics was founded in 1973. At the time, smartphones, tablets and PCs didn´t exist and the company concentrated on producing ophthalmic devices and instruments. These gradually came to be PC based and it was possible to start using the Rarebit methodology – receptive field-size bright dots – to develop new ground-breaking testing methods.

With the advent of high-resolution displays on handheld devices, like the smartphone, the Rarebit methodology can be integrated into self-monitoring applications for us at home.

One of company´s founders, Professor Lars Frisén , MD, PhD., a leading authority in Clinical neuro-ophthalmology, has led the underlying research and has developed the products and applications.

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